Who we are

Blueiot is the world leading provider of Bluetooth AoA solutions,
offering revolutionary real-time locating system (RTLS) based on Bluetooth
Angle-of-arrival technology, with accuracy level up to 10 centimeters.

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA

Our vision

With our open positioning platform,
we are expecting to help world's ten billion Bluetooth terminals to enjoy more
accurate location experience and greatly empower all industries.

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA

Our team

Created in Tsinghua,
we take pride in our product,
and strive to make dramatic improvement to our core
products along the way.

TsinhuaBlueiot-Bluetooth AoA

Our role

  • Wholly-owned subsidiary of Tsingoal technology

  • Bluetooth SIG member

  • Worldwide Second provider which massively
    product BLE Angle of Arrival solution

  • Pioneer and advocate in promoting BLE AoA plus 5G

  • 5G AIA Industry Members

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA

Our clients

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA

How can Blueiot help grow your business?

Meet our knowledgeable and brilliant team!

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