BlueIOT Joined Nordic Partner Program to Make Data Flow in More Industries

2022-01-13 16:48:42

As the only certified BLE AoA solution provider in APAC by Nordic, BlueIOT has recently joined the Nordic Partner Program (NPP) as the first and so far the only solution partner of Nordic in APAC. It is expected that this partnership will provide more Nordic customers with advanced real-time locating and direction-finding services featured by a sub-meter accuracy.

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA

The cooperation between two companies could be traced back to 2020 when BlueIOT selected Nordic’s nRF52833 Bluetooth® Low Energy advanced multiprotocol System-on-Chip (SoC) to provide the core processing and wireless connectivity for its Bluetooth LE Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) positioning system.

“We believe BlueIoT plays an important role in AoA solution design and deployment, the optimization of their algorithm can make customers enjoy the precise location service of BLE and fast commercialization.”——Leon Wu, Regional Sales Manager, North&East China, Nordic Semiconductor

A High-precision RTLS Provider

BlueIOT (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd is a world leading RTLS (Real-time Location System) provider committed to developing high-precision location products for indoor positioning applications. Based on the latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology, BlueIOT adopts the Angle of Arrival (AOA) positioning algorithm to reach the unique direction of the incoming wave and position of the tag, and with patented locating gateways, its locating system is compatible with all Bluetooth 4.0 or above tags and supports the high-precision locating service for both IOT tags and LBS phones.

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA

BlueIOT locating system brings its accuracy level down to 0.1m, which is ten times higher than traditional Bluetooth technology. The system also boasts more advantages like high capacity, low energy, low cost and small size.

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA

Location Data Empowers Modern Industries

BlueIOT has mass-produced Bluetooth AoA location products since 2020 and become the second largest provider in this respect. Its high-precision positioning solutions have been adopted by over 500 distributors and end-to-end customers, with an open ecosystem for further collaboration in hardware or software development.

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA

BlueIOT RTLS is applicable to multiple scenarios concerning employee, vehicle or asset tracking. Specifically, in terms of smart industry, BlueIOT positioning system helped a leading equipment manufacturer to improve its warehousing productivity by 90% via shortening the average search time for a forklift from 15 minutes to just one. With regard to smart hospital, BlueIOT system offers smart navigation service for visitors to receive immediate and timely treatment and accurate locating service to track staff, patients, and assets in real time and to implement maximum protection in real time. And as for smart city, parents can feel a great relief on the ground that they can track and find their children anytime only if they log in an app; or in a supermarket, consumers may find it quite effortless to be directed to their intended goods right away, and staff are also able to fetch every shopping cart scattered around. Both user experience and business management are improved, which in turn makes a profit increase possible.

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