RTLS Healthcare Operational Challenges

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA

RTLS Healthcare Solution Scenarios

BlueIOT advanced positioning system is applicable to medical industry. It collects and processes various location information data through base stations, tags, and positioning service platforms, in order to achieve precise positioning and interconnection of hospitals, nursing homes, assets. Also it supports medical and nursing resource scheduling and safety management, asset tracking and other innovative business development, which can help build an intelligent health business platform, and comprehensively improve the quality of medical and nursing services.
Blueiot-Bluetooth AoABlueiot-Bluetooth AoA

RTLS Healthcare Solution

Based on the Internet of Things, precise positioning technology and spatial location big data, Blueiot developed Bluetooth AOA smart medical and elderly care solutions, to achieve sub-meter positioning of personnel and materials with an accuracy of 0.1-1m. Relying on global spatial location data , Business data, our goal is to bring humanization, informatization, and intelligence to medical organizations.
Blueiot-Bluetooth AoABlueiot-Bluetooth AoABlueiot-Bluetooth AoA

RTLS Healthcare User Case

Hospital|Use case in an university hospital

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA
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