RTLS Retail Operational Challenges

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA

RTLS Retail Solution Scenarios

The BlueIOT intelligent business ultra-high-precision positioning system solution provides sub-meter precise location services for consumers, employees, shopping carts and other personnel and materials for the supermarkets and groceries, optimizing consumers’ experience and reducing retail industry cost to improve the benefits of cooperations.
Blueiot-Bluetooth AoABlueiot-Bluetooth AoA

RTLS Retail Solution

The BlueIOT Smart Supermarket Precision Positioning Management System adopts Bluetooth AOA patented technology. By arranging a reasonable number of Bluetooth positioning anchors in the supermarket, it provides sub-meter-level high-precision positioning for shopping carts and consumer mobile phones, improving navigation to goods, shopping cart management, big data analysis, refined store layout and other capabilities. This system develops the digitalization and intelligence of supermarket retail operations, as a benefit of the location information of supermarkets.
Blueiot-Bluetooth AoABlueiot-Bluetooth AoABlueiot-Bluetooth AoA

RTLS Retail Use Case

Supermarket|A supermarket chain

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA

Mall|A large shopping plaza

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA
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