Operational Challenges

Blueiot-Bluetooth AoA

Solution Scenarios

The Blueiot transportation hub high-precision positioning system solution solves the problem of inaccurate satellite location data in large indoor places such as airports, high-speed railway stations, and subway stations. It deeply integrates the industry characteristics and development direction of smart transportation hubs to provide location services, Functions such as travel navigation, safety management, and hotspot data analysis help the modernization and informatization development of public transportation hubs.
Blueiot-Bluetooth AoABlueiot-Bluetooth AoA


The Blueiot Transportation Hub Precision Positioning Management System, based on Bluetooth AOA positioning technology, realizes high-precision location service in transportation hubs, meeting the needs of location sharing, smart scheduling, safe operation, and material management. At the same time, functions such as indoor navigation, POI retrieval, and precise services can be provided through smart terminals such as mobile phones.
Blueiot-Bluetooth AoABlueiot-Bluetooth AoABlueiot-Bluetooth AoA
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