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FAQ on Technology

Q In the Bluetooth AOA locating system, does the tag need to support Bluetooth 5.1 protocol?

There is no need for all tags to support Bluetooth 5.1 protocol. Blueiot Bluetooth AOA locating system boasts incomparable compatibility that allows tags for Bluetooth 4.0 or above to access.

Q How long is the battery life of Bluetooth AOA tags?

The battery life is usually decided by capacity and application scenarios. Generally speaking, Bluetooth technology is competitive in its low energy consumption and compared with other locating technology, the battery of an AOA tag lasts longer. For example, the battery life of a tag with a single button cell can reach one year at best.

FAQ on Installment

Q How is a Bluetooth AOA anchor installed?

Bluetooth AOA anchors are installed at high locations indoors or outdoors. Meanwhile, Blueiot anchors are POE-based and can be inter-cascaded, helping to ease the burden of construction.

FAQ on Developing

Q What are the application scenarios for Bluetooth AoA technology?

BlueIOT has so far applied its AoA-based locating system to a wide range of application scenarios, including two typical categories. In corporate aspect, BlueIOT system enables manufacturing, warehousing and logistic industries to reduce costs while improving productivity and administrative capabilities. As for commercial aspect, our system has been applied to healthcare, retailing, cultural tourism, smart city, etc. Not only can their management be optimized, but the indoor navigation and POI search services also enhance user experience.

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