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Real-time Location System (RTLS) for Hospital

When an increasing number of visitors come to hospital every day, improved efficiency and convenient services become a must.  A smart hospital tracking system plays a significant role in this. Blueiot applies Bluetooth AoA positioning technology to provide solutions in building a smart hospital.
rtls system hospital
Sub-meter precision
rtls system hospital
Electronic fence
rtls system hospital
Individualized tracking

Smart Navigation in Hospital

Blueiot RTLS for hospital can provide real-time location data of patients, staff, and equipment within a hospital, which can be integrated with a smart navigation system to help people navigate the hospital environment easily and efficiently.

rtls system hospital
Before Arrival

Integrated with outdoor location solutions for visitors to find the shortest or less congested way.

rtls system hospital
Smart Parking

Check empty spaces in advance; locate a parking space or a car accurately and fast.

rtls system hospital
AI Inquiry

Online booking spares visitors time and energy for a long queue and AI triage relieves staffing pressure.

rtls system hospital
Within Hospital

Real-time location and movement on 2D/3D map; visitors can be directed to any part of the hospital.

rtls system hospital
Location Sharing

Never afraid to lose track. Find the way to the patient or be informed of where their companions are.

rtls system hospital
One-Click for Help

Visitors or patients can send an alarm by one click when they meet or notice any emergency.

How Does RTLS Work in Hospital?

rtls system hospital rtls system hospital

When Blueiot AOA anchors are deployed based on the actual needs and the interior or outdoor architecture, and Blueiot or its partner tags are attached to people, vehicles or assets, data will be collected and sent to AOA engine for resolving, and then transformed into a visualized dynamic interface on Blueiot platforms.

Blueiot RTLS Advantages in Hospital

rtls system hospital
High Accuracy

BlueIoT real-time locating system is a high-precision one with a sub-meter accuracy.

rtls system hospital
High Capacity

An AoA anchor can receive data from 500 tags at one time within merely 1 second.

rtls system hospital
Broad Ecosystem

A broad ecosystem enables BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices of all sorts to work.

rtls system hospital
Low Power

The batteries of BlueIoT Bluetooth AoA devices have an average life span of 5 years.

rtls system hospital
Low Cost

Blueiot solutions apply RTLS to multiple industries in a most cost-effective way.

rtls system hospital
Small Size

AoA tags (wristband/badge) are designed by BlueIoT to be portable in a quite small size.

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