BlueIOT (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
BlueIOT (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
BLE AOA Solutions for all Industries
  • The most advanced Angle of Arrival (AOA) positioning technology

  • Accurate tracking and navigation services in multiple scenarios

  • Unleash business potential by improving efficiency and ensuring safety

Smart Healthcare
  • Locate equipment

  • Track staff and patients

  • Give clear directions

Retail & Logistics
  • Streamline business process and speed up intelligent operation 

  • Help reduce costs

Law Enforcement & Correction
  • Precise positioning

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Warning of abnormal cases

User Cases
Bring your business under control
A Case in a Showroom
A Case in a Warehouse
A Case in an Amusement Park
BlueIOT Ecosystem
Achieve sub-meter locating with a single line of code
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As a professional solution provider who has been dedicated to the development of Bluetooth indoor positioning technology, BluelOT has successfully used the Bluetooth AOA positioning technology to help companies from various industries to optimize their management. We look forward to any possible cooperation!
We look forward to any possible cooperation!
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Bring Your Business Under Control
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