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Bluetooth Asset Tracking

Materials, vehicles and equipment are all valuable possessions of an enterprise. RTLS indoor asset tracking solutions enable enterprises to optimize their asset management, thereby helping to reduce costs and increase productivity.

RTLS Applications in Asset Tracking

Blueiot Bluetooth asset tracking can be used for a wide range of applications, including inventory management, asset tracking and management, supply chain management, and indoor navigation, etc. RTLS IoT asset tracking can improve asset visibility, enhance security, and optimize workflows and processes.

iot asset tracking

Panoramic Map

Camera linkage in the location system provides a full view to supervise a company's daily operation.

iot asset tracking

Accurate Locating

Save time in finding a specific item, even from piles of different materials or equipment.

iot asset tracking

Inventory Checks

Entry or exit of assets will be sensed and recorded, and the real-time change in number can be displayed.

iot asset tracking

Trajectory Analysis

How assets are used is visualized when their location or movement can be recorded for a playback.

iot asset tracking

Regional Management

Misplaced material, vehicle or equipment will be detected and trigger alerting.

iot asset tracking

Inspection Management

The system can assign inspection tasks in time, and check their arrival, frequency and duration at the spot.

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