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Real-time Tracking Device Demo Kit for Developers and Applications

The Blueiot RTLS demo kits are for testing, demonstration, project pilot, and evaluation of its sub-meter level real-time positioning experience based on Bluetooth AoA (angle of arrival) technology. They are limited to the selected customers in a limited number. With Blueiot RTLS demo kits, you can get a deeper understanding of Bluetooth AoA technology and IoT tracking devices.

Blueiot Bluetooth AoA RTLS demo kit

Our RTLS demo kit includes Bluetooth Low Energy devices, positioning engine, and other RTLS software:
Blueiot RTLS anchor (classic version)*4
Blueiot RTLS tag*4
Positioning engine (demo version) *1
Application software platform (two-month free trial)*1
10-day training*1
API interface for further development*1

Blueiot Training Program

Come and join our training program exclusive for Blueiot clients!
It only takes 10 days to become an Expert in Blueiot AoA RTLS!
Kick-off meeting with our training manager. You will learn:
a.System Overview
b.Guidance on demo deployment
System set-up preparation.
A conference call on system set-up jointly with our technical experts.
Feedback and Q&A.
Voluntary Quick Test to earn a training certificate.

Blueiot RTLS Demo Kits

Q What is the demo kit used for?
  • For POC, pilot projects and demonstrations to end customers.
  • For further development on specific industry applications & solutions.
  • For your own Bluetooth RTLS Tag design.
Q How can I order a demo kit?
Fill out the contact form below, and our sales team will soon contact and quote you.
Q How soon can I receive the demo kit?
Leadtime for the demo kit is around one week upon payment reception. Shipment by air will take about another 7 days.
Q Shall I pay extra for the training?
The training is included in the demo kit, without additional cost.
Q Why is it important to join the Bluetooth AoA RTLS training program?
This program is to help you fully understand the Bluetooth AoA (Angle of Arrival) RTLS technology and products. You will gain in-demand skills to use the system in a proper way and give a presentation to your potential customers.
Q Who can join the training program?
We recommend that both salespeople and technicians join the training program.
Q How do I pass the test and earn a training certificate?
To earn your Training Certificate, you’ll need to attentively follow our training schedule and earn a passing grade on the test. But take it easy. Videos, reading materials, and practice exercises are there to help you be well-prepared for the test.

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