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AoA Demo Kit for Developer and Application

The AoA demo kits are intended for testing, demonstration, and evaluation of its high-precision positioning technology, and they are limited to the selected customers in a limited number.

Types of AoA Demo Kit

RTLS Demo for Developer

For Developer

RTLS Demo for Application

For Application

BlueIOT RTLS Demo Kits

Practical Value

  • Software development: upper interface available to develop applications and solutions 

  • Hardware development: develop various types of self-owned Bluetooth tags, Apple or Android terminals 

  • Self-built exhibition halls, pilot projects, customer demonstrations 

  • Applicable to future real projects

Target Partners

  • Successful experience in integration projects in the related industry

  • Having a team of engineers for operation training and maintenance

  • With a space of 30-200 square meters for open construction(the above required information will serve as our company's filter conditions)

Extra Service

  • Project report for clients who have purchased demo kits 

  • The system device can be used in the next real project

Blueiot expects to cooperate with tag suppliers, system integrators, and solution providers from all over the world. Welcome to try our demo for more technical or business exchanges.

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