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Blueiot AoA Tags from Partners

Blueiot provides a broad Ecosystem for massive Bluetooth terminals to access and stays open to further cooperation. Partners in technology, product or solutions are truly welcomed to develop their self-owned tags in a diversified and creative way.

HangTag 1,5''

  • Unobtrusive due to thin and light design

  • Freely designable display

  • Security mechanism and anti-theft

  • Localizable through the use of RTLS


  • Features of Product based on nRF52832, with 3-axis accelerometer, rugged, waterproof, ideal for tracking in industrial environments

  • Endurance time from 1 year to 11 years, 24/7 at ambient temperature (depending on configuration)

  • IP6

RL281 BLE Beacon

  • LED flash lights/vibration/buzzing

  • SOS button

  • IP67

Blueiot aims to bring RTLS into full play and looks forward to partnering with more tag suppliers or RTLS integrators. We welcome all of our potential clients to try a demo and explore ways of cooperation.


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