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Covid Contact Tracing

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, social distancing and contact tracing have become an indispensable part in epidemic prevention and safety control.

RTLS Applications in Covid Contact Tracing

RTLS Social Distancing Tracking

Social Distancing

  • Wearable, portable & light-weight locating tags (wristband/badge). 

  • Real-time high-precision ranging. 

  • Distance within 2 meters (adjustable from 1m to 3m) triggers buzzing, vibration, and LED flash light.

RTLS Contact Tracing Technology

Contact Tracing

  • Tags for people & Anchors at entrances and exits. 

  • Visits will be recorded when people with tags enter or leave a (an) room/area. 

  • Track storage & playback.

RTLS Data Platform Technology

Data Platform

  • All distancing & contact data will be collected and stored safely. 

  • In case of suspected or confirmed cases, data of close contacts can be checked and downloaded in Excel format.

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