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How to Choose the Right Asset Tracking Solution for Your Business?


Materials, vehicles, and equipment are all valuable possessions of businesses, and using Bluetooth AoA-based technology of asset tracking  for accurate and real-time asset tracking is crucial for businesses’ efficient operation. Bluetooth asset tracking technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to enable precision tracking of physical assets within a specific range. It allows businesses to manage real-time asset location, condition, and status in real-time.

It can minimize interference and potential breaches, reduce asset misplacement, save time, and increase efficiency. The technology facilitates a cost-effective solution to mitigate loss, streamline workflows, and optimize asset utilization for businesses when dealing with tricky supply chains and vast inventory.


Bluetooth Asset Tracking Technology's Applications

Here, we discuss the various applications of Bluetooth asset tracking technology.

1. Inventory Management

Bluetooth asset tracking in inventory management employs BLE AoA-based indoor position technology to monitor items' real-time location and status. While using IoT asset tracking, you can accurately pinpoint an item's location within a warehouse. For example, the system can detect whether a product is in the loading dock or on a specific shelf. Moreover, the number of assets can be displayed in real-time, automating stock replenishment and reducing human error in counts. The entry and exit of assets can also be recorded. This precise monitoring is vital for specific assets such as vaccines where precise coordination of stock levels and location is required.

2. Asset Tracking and Management

In asset tracking and management, Bluetooth asset tracking technology monitors valuable equipment within an enterprise, including but not limited to machinery, tools, and mobile devices. A factory might employ tags attached to specific pieces of machinery to track their usage, maintenance schedules, and location within the plant. Subsequently, it allows for predictive maintenance and improves utilization rates. These assets' data and location information can be displayed on the software, which is convenient for staff to manage it clearly.

3. Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management benefits immensely from Bluetooth asset tracking technology for its increasing visibility and control of goods in transit. Tags attached to shipments can monitor location and environmental conditions like temperature or humidity. For example, the temperature changes of a shipment of perishable goods like pharmaceuticals can be continuously monitored. At the same time, automatic alerts can play a role in case of deviations from the required conditions. Blockchain technologies provide immutable records and additional trustworthiness to the tracking data. Hence, it ensures all stakeholders can access accurate, unalterable information[1].

4. Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation denotes a unique application of Bluetooth asset tracking. BLE hardware and software provide accurate location services within buildings like airports, malls, or hospitals. They can use smartphones or other devices to guide users to specific destinations. In a large medical facility, patients and visitors can receive instructions to reach specific departments or rooms on their mobile devices. So, it ensures patients are guided to their destination at the appropriate time.


How to Choose a Bluetooth Asset Tracking Solution?

Here are the factors to consider when picking a Bluetooth asset tracking solution for your business.


1.Understand Your Asset Tracking Requirements 

Define the types of assets you need to track, such as equipment, inventory, and personnel. Focus on understanding the real-time location for high-value equipment or simple presence detection for inventory items. Moreover, evaluate tracking frequency. Determine the required update rate while considering whether you need constant real-time tracking for personnel or periodic checks for static assets like tools.

2.Evaluate Available Bluetooth Tracking Technologies 

Choose the right devices. Anchors provide reference points for asset positioning, whereas tags provide asset location. Select the combination that fits your accuracy needs. Further, you need to consider compatibility and scalability. Ensure that the selected devices support the necessary Bluetooth protocol and can integrate into existing systems with scalability for expansion.

3.Consider Your Business Environment 

Assess your indoor or outdoor needs. For indoor asset tracking, emphasize signal penetration and multipath mitigation. For outdoor tracking, consider weather-resistant devices and ones with long battery life. Additionally, review network infrastructure. Consider the existing networking infrastructure and the need for mesh networks to facilitate seamless asset tracking across varied terrains and building structures.

Blueiot's Bluetooth Asset Tracking Solution for Business

Blueiot's Bluetooth asset tracking solution can modernize business operations. Firstly, it provides accurate locating of materials, vehicles, and equipment to save valuable time. Secondly, through RTLS applications, it offers several functionalities like inventory management, supply chain oversight, and indoor navigation. Also, advanced features like panoramic mapping and trajectory analysis improve visibility and security. Regional and inspection management capabilities also help detect problem assets and streamline tasks. Finally, while enhancing productivity and reducing costs, our solution is an all-inclusive tool for optimal asset management in various enterprises.



Bluetooth asset tracking technology can help enterprises solve asset tracking and management, improving production efficiency. Equipped with Bluetooth asset tracking technology, enterprises no longer need to worry about various losses caused by human factors, increasing security and optimizing workflow. So, if you are also interested in our Bluetooth asset tracking technology, please contact us to obtain a specific solution.



[1] Asset Tracking System using Blockchain. Available at: (Accessed: 22 August 2023)

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