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Intelligent Railway | A Safe Journey with Blueiot High-Precision Locating System


It is estimated that by the end of 2021, the total length of China’s high-speed rail (HSR) lines in service had reached 40,000 kilometers, which is long enough to wrap around the equator and ranks the first globally. High-speed rail is one of the China’s “Four Great New Inventions” and has attracted the world’s attention. Now the high-speed rail network that consists of four north–south high-speed rail lines and four east–west high-speed rail lines has been built, covering 92% of cities with a population of over 500 thousand, and will continue to expand to facilitate the public transportation.


The ongoing expansion of the high-speed rail also demands higher safety standards. Railway system is a complex involving multiple professions and types of work and composed of tracks, trains, vehicles, maintenance sites, power supply and transformation, communications, and command and control centers. To guarantee that all trains run in safety, they are serviced routinely after work every day. To standardize operational process at the maintenance site, fulfill the needs of delicacy management, and keep trace of the on-site operation, the data collection and supervision during the maintenance plays an indispensable role.

Maintenance sites which are often featured by complex spatial structure, metal framework, dense tracks and huge carriages that can easily block one’s view, pose a challenge to the deployment of positioning system. Blueiot high-precision positioning system is developed based on tens of thousands of self-owned interference models and core algorithm to achieve highly adaptive, stable and accurate positioning, which is what Blueiot has been striving for and what it is capable of.

· High-Precision Locating System for Intelligent Railway


The high-precision positioning system for railway maintenance sites is formed by hardware layer, networking layer, data resolving layer and application layer. The hardware layer involves locating anchors and tags, and then the networking layer sends the data collected by anchors back to the resolving center which is key to calculating a tag’s location. As a result, in the application layer, all the location data of trains, staff, equipment and tools can be displayed in 2D or 3D mode.

· Applications


· Scenarios

1.Location of Trains

Blueiot High-Precision Locating System enables the accurate location and management of trains. With the vehicle-borne locating tag, the time of entry or exit will be recorded accurately. Meanwhile, the centimeter-level precision makes it possible to identify exactly on which track the train stops.

The 3D monitoring platform also visualizes the real-time condition of trains and the occupancy rate of tracks in the maintenance center.

2. Security of Maintainers

When maintainers perform their daily task wearing the locating tag or wristband, their location and trajectory can be checked in real time. Under the coordination of video surveillance and the sound and light alarm, in case of any emergency, the safety of maintainers can be ensured with immediate rescue.

3. Management of Equipment/Tools

The maintenance center is usually spacious with numerous equipment and tools stored here. So it often takes a quite long time to look for any one of them, let alone keep track of a missing one. Blueiot High-Precision Locating System contains a specially designed tag for asset positioning and tracking, applicable to scotch blocks, AGV, and robots.

4.Supervision of Work Quality

Apart from staff tracking, Blueiot High-Precision Locating System is also adaptive to the scenario of intelligent inspection. After an inspection task is assigned, the arrival time and duration of the inspector as well as his/her inspecting region and trajectory will be recorded and compared with the settings to guarantee the quality of work.

As the railway lines continue to be built nationwide and globally, there will also be increasing demands for intelligent maintenance centers. Blueiot High-Precision Locating System is ready to provide accurate location data and positioning service in this respect and play a greater role in the standardization of work flow, the management and dispatch of maintainers, and the improvement of maintenance efficiency.

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