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Enhancing Patient Safety and Care with Blueiot's RTLS


As healthcare facilities continue to evolve, improving patient care and safety has become an increasing concern amongst healthcare providers. The need for real-time monitoring and tracking of patients in a healthcare facility has led to the development of advanced technology such as Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). This is where Blueiot comes into play – offering a state-of-the-art Bluetooth AoA-based patient tracking  that ensures patients are monitored closely and efficiently.


Introduction to Blueiot's RTLS Technology

Blueiot's RTLS technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for accurate location tracking of patients within a healthcare facility. Patient monitoring devices like BLE tags can be attached to patients, and these devices communicate with BLE anchors or gateways installed throughout the facility. As the BLE anchors transmit this data to the engine and patient tracking software system, healthcare providers can easily monitor vital signs, track the location of patients, and receive alerts when patients require assistance or have stepped out of designated zones within the facility.

Benefits of Implementing a Patient Tracking System

Implementing a patient tracking system like Blueiot's RTLS system can significantly improve patient safety, optimize patient flow, and help healthcare providers allocate resources more efficiently. The system allows healthcare providers to monitor patient locations in real-time, ensuring they receive immediate attention if needed. Healthcare providers can also analyze patient behavior using Blueiot's RTLS trajectory playback feature, which can be especially beneficial for those with mental disorders. Additionally, infant security is ensured with the use of safe, comfortable, and harmless wristbands recording their identity and monitoring their location.

Features of Blueiot's Patient Tracking System

Blueiot's patient tracking system offers numerous features that enable healthcare providers to provide comprehensive and detailed care for their patients. The system's vital sign monitoring feature alerts staff of any abnormal changes in a patient's temperature or heart rate. Moreover, one-click help buttons on the locating tags ensure that patients can receive assistance quickly if needed. The safety feature of the system also guarantees that an alarm is triggered when patients step out of designated safety zones or approach unauthorized areas. Finally, Blueiot's RTLS patient tracking system is highly customizable, allowing healthcare providers to tailor it to their specific needs easily.



Implementing Blueiot's RTLS patient tracking system can significantly improve patient safety, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall patient care quality in healthcare facilities. The system's advanced features, including real-time location tracking, vital sign monitoring, and one-click help buttons, make it a valuable addition to any healthcare facility. With Blueiot's cutting-edge technology, healthcare providers can rest assured that their patients are monitored efficiently and effectively, ensuring that they receive the best possible care.                    

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